Top 3 Benefits of Knowing How to Make a Girl Squirt

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After watching the video above, I was literally stunned. I finally mastered that one thing – learning how to make a girl squirt. It was definitely not as hard as I was making it [no pun intended], but without Jason Julius’s instructional video, I’d still be lost.

My life has changed. I walk into a room and instantly catch looks from dozens of big tittied bitches. Sorry if that language offends you, but dude, come on. You’re on a blog about how to make a girl squirt – get over yourself.

Here’s 3 ways my life has drastically changed since I ordered this multistep squirting series.

1. I don’t have to beg women to go out with me.

I don’t have to beg – dude, I don’t even have to ASK. I used to play lawyer, trying to convince women that I would be a great lay, and could satisfy their every desire. Now, I literally just stand there. Women ask ME out.

2. My phone is always blowing up.

You’re not gonna believe me, but I literally had to get another phone line. I couldn’t keep up with the amount of women texting me – and God forbid I confuse a bitch wanting to bang with my Ma.

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3. I get all the pussy I’ve ever dreamed of.

I used to think that a good month for me meant getting laid, once … maybe twice. Now, I can’t even keep up. Believe it or not, I have to turn away sex. I mean dude, I gotta hit the gym and get money at some point. But as it stands, I could get laid three times a day by three different women. The power lies within me, and my squirting techniques.

Want to learn more about how to make a girl squirt? Check out the video below. It’s got everything you need and more.

Much love,

Squirt Daddy

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3 Best Tips on How to Make a Girl Squirt

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I remember the first time I watched Jason Julius’s video on how to make a girl squirt. It literally blew my mind. I thought – “DUDE, there is no way I’ll ever be able to do that.” Guess what? I was wrong.

A few weeks later, I can promise you, I had mastered the squirt tactics. There’s a reason why they call me the Squirt Daddy. I’m practically a professional. Women cumming is my forte, it’s what I do. Thirty seconds into watching this video, and I knew this was a skill I had to master.

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This video showed me way more than I ever would have expected [warning, it’s NOT SAFE FOR WORK]. But, it was the only way I could successfully learn how to make a girl squirt.

Here’s my top three takeaways from this mindblowing video.

1. Don’t stress, bro.

Imagine if your girl went down on you, and she was all awkward about it. Looking shifty, acting all nervous, apologizing … you wouldn’t be able to get off, right? So stop acting like such a pussy when you go down on her.

2. It’s not about who finishes first.

It’s not a race. Great sex is quality sex. You want her begging for more, right? If you try to rush her orgasm, or make it all about you, she’ll never want to shack up with you again – bad news for your dick.

3. Be cool.

My squirting mentor Jason Julius really drilled this into my head. Don’t be lame, don’t be eager, don’t be awkward … just be chill. Act like you’re a squirting pro. After you watch this video, you won’t even need to act. You WILL be a squirt daddy, just like me.

Don’t get jealous, just get her off. Simple as that.

Stay wet,

-Squirt Daddy

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How to Make a Girl Squirt in Five Minutes

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Think you know everything there is know to about how to make a girl squirt? Think again. Dude, listen – this isn’t rocket science. But you also can’t go into it with both eyes closed and one finger ramming her hole. It just won’t work.

You’ll end up looking like an asshole, feeling like a complete loser, and walking away with your dick in your hand. Not cool, bro. I used to be a squirting newbie, but now they call me Squirt Daddy. There’s a reason for that.

I really got down to the nitty gritty, and researched the female body. I was sick of feeling like a 13 year old pre pubescent asshole. I wanted to please my girl, and keep her coming back for more.

Once you learn how to make a girl squirt, you’ll feel like the King of the Mountain. Seriously dude, women cumming – that noise is music to my ears.

Do you think I came up with all this shit on my own? No way. I didn’t become the Squirt Daddy overnight. I met this guy named Jason Julius, he blew my mind (and my girl’s mind too haha).

He taught me everything I need to know about making a girl squirt, and even better in LESS THAN five minutes.

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The first thing I learned is, be cool. Put those nerves on pause, bro. No girl wants to feel like you’re about to have an anxiety attack when you go down on her.

Next step is take it slow. Don’t rush downtown, take your time. Lick her nipples, get her in the mood. Compliment her, call her sexy, make her feel like you’ll never find better.

But, the BEST advice I received from Jason Julius – you should check this out for yourself —-> How to Make a Girl Squirt in less than 5 minutes. Don’t be a pussy. Listen to my dude Jason, he knows what he’s talking about.

– Squirt Daddy

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The Five Best Ways to Make a Girl Squirt

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Making a girl squirt may seem like this huge complicated process, but honestly, it really isn’t. Once I watched Jason Julius’s informative video series, I realized that I was the problem. It wasn’t my girl, it wasn’t even necessarily my technique. It was the huge mental block I had when it came to learning how to make a girl squirt. I would overthink everything, which caused me to tense up, and act like an idiot. When I was awkward about it, I made her uncomfortable, and then everything just went down the sh*tter.

Here are five great ways to encourage the female orgasm. If you follow these techniques, plus the ones found in Jason Julius’s instructional series, you will be a squirting pro in no time.

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1. Set the mood.

Dim the lights, put on some romantic music, light some candles – keep it inviting. If you bring your girl into a brightly lit room with the TV on and your cat’s litterbox is ten feet away, I promise you – she will not get off. Women need to be relaxed and feel comfortable.

2. Take it slow.

There’s no rush. Making a girl squirt is an art. It’s not something that can happen in 30 seconds (unless you REALLY know what you’re doing). But, when you’re new to the female orgasm, take your time. Put a real effort into it.

3. Keep it light.

Don’t be too serious. If your girl wants to giggle, or laugh a bit, then let her. Don’t feel like you have to act like Fabio on turbo. It’s not about reading her poetry, or wooing her with your sexy eyes. It’s about making her feel comfortable.

4. Shower her with compliments.

A woman can never get enough compliments – seriously. From her hair to her perfume to her outfit to her smile, make sure she knows she turns you on. If she knows this, she will feel 100% comfortable letting go.

5. Don’t make it the main event.

Making a girl squirt is fun, but don’t surround the whole evening around it. She will feel way too much pressure, and won’t be able to orgasm.

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